A brief chat with Monique Pelser prior to her exhibition opening.

I met up with the artist Monique Pelser the day before the opening of her National Arts Festival exhibition: Conversations with my Father. She graciously gave me a few minutes, and I was interested in her final anxieties leading up to the show.
Conversations with my Father is at the Alumni Gallery, Albany History Museum, Somerset Street, Grahamstown.


Journeys and explorations

Greetings, and welcome to my new blog from the National Arts Festival.

I’ve journeyed to Grahamstown (or Grumpytown as one or two of its notorious denizens call it), in order to explore the 2015 festival offerings, particularly in the fields of visual and performance art. The event is already alive with sharp-witted critics, so my objective will be slightly different. In fact I’m here with something of another purpose, which may emerge in time.  I’m rather enjoying the idea of being an operative, or a cultural sleuth.

The video medium is rather new to me, so pardon any technological fumbles.